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Hochanda is the newest and fastest growing Craft, Hobbies and Art’s TV Shopping channel in the UK today. Since the channel was launched in August 2015, Hochanda has experienced accelerated growth year on year and has consistently delivered results which have exceeded the original business projections. As the Hochanda journey and UK growth continues, we are now in the early stages of our European expansion where we expect to see further positive sales growth as we enter into these markets.

We are inviting you to become part of our exciting and successful journey as we continue to grow and establish Hochanda as an international brand. Register to invest today for more information on the highlights of the Hochanda journey so far and our future plans for continued growth in both the UK and International Craft, Hobbies and Arts markets.

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Investing in an early stage company such as Hochanda Limited involves risks including loss of capital. This means there is a risk that you could lose some or all of the money you put in. Hochanda Limited shares are not listed or traded on any recognised exchange. This means you will not be able to easily sell your shares if you need to get your money back quickly.

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